About Us

About Original Education Inc.

OEI is a pioneer in Human Effectiveness that trains individuals to be calm, confident, focused, productive, effective, happy and fulfilled no matter what challenges they face.

OEI’s programs don’t just help you win the game of achieving peace, success, fulfillment and happiness in your life, they completely reinvent the game by challenging the very foundation of the way you think, act, relate to yourself, relate to the world and achieve what you want.

And what lies at the core of OEI’s success, and its ability to produce exceptional results for participants, are three founding principles:

1.  Simplicity – you are exponentially more likely to use stuff that is logical, obvious and makes total sense to you than fancy formulas that don’t.

2.  Naturality – working to manage, process & fix your thoughts is artificial and something you’d never do if you knew you didn’t have to.

3.  Experience – you retain what you learn from personal experience exponentially longer than what you learn from second-hand information.


About Grant Rawcliffe

Grant Rawcliffe is the founder of OEI, the creator of The 3rd Conversation (OEI’s foundational program), and the lead facilitator of OEI’s programs.

He spent 15 years as a student, coach and trainer in the personal development world learning, practicing and teaching others how to change their thoughts & beliefs to achieve the peace, fulfillment and effectiveness they were striving for.

But a series of personal challenges led him to question everything he had learned and resulted in him quickly (almost overnight) attaining the peace, fulfillment and effectiveness that he had been working so hard to attain.

The experience was so profound, so tangible and so simple to achieve that he created the 3rd Conversation as a platform for teaching it to others.

While a far cry from the work he does now, Grant’s background in Mechanical Engineering is actually key to the logical foundation that has OEI’s programs stand out from the crowd and produce such exceptional results for participants.

Grant has been highly commended for his ability to communicate his insightful perspectives in such a simple, direct and practical manner that participants cannot help but see it in their lives, apply it and produce results quickly. And his playful nature ensures that they have fun doing it.

Originally from New Zealand, Grant now lives on a farm near Kitchener, Ontario that he enjoys with his wife, Katharina, two rambunctious young boys (James & Harry), three dogs (Pepper, Shayan & Ila) and numerous farm animals.