Frequently Asked Questions

This is a great place to glean a little more information about The 3rd Conversation:

What are the first two Conversations?

A fairly obvious first question, given that the program is called this The 3rd Conversation.

Here’s a very simplified synopsis:

The Three Conversations define the different ways that we deal with challenges in our lives.

Let’s imagine you are stressed out about a challenge at work.

The approach of the 1st Conversation would be to take some Actions to fix the problem. Fix the problem and the stress goes away.

It works, but some problems may be out of your control or take a long time to fix, which means the stress sticks around until it’s fixed.

And, as you probably know from experience, as soon as you fix one problem, there’s another problem waiting in the wings to take it’s place – despite all the problems you’ve fixed in the past, you’ve most likely still got problems that are causing you stress, right?

The 2nd Conversation says that the stress is all in your head. It’s caused by your thoughts – by the way you are relating to the problem – and if you just change your thoughts the stress will go away.

It works and is the approach most commonly used in Psychology, Positive Thinking, Personal Development etc..

The problem though, is that it is a lot of work. It takes 21 to 30 days to change a thought pattern or belief, and considering you think 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day and created a thousands of beliefs before you were even 8 years old, you’re looking at a lifetime of work work to try and fix all that negative stuff.

In addition, both of these conversations are limited by the fact that all of the work you put into addressing one problem (with your work) doesn’t improve your ability to deal with completely different problems, like with your health, relationship, kids, finances, etc..

In the 3rd Conversation, you are not doing any work to try and get rid of your stress by changing your circumstances (through action) or changing your thoughts.

You simply discover the single source of all your stress and other crap that’s messing with your life, (because it’s not your thoughts), and then you focus on freeing yourself from that one thing, rather than the thousands of thoughts or circumstances that we mistakenly believe are causing all that crap.

This way you can get free of the stress and crap around everything in your life in one go, rather than dealing with them one problem or thought at a time.

Obviously this is explained in much greater detail during the training.


So, if our thoughts aren’t the real source of the crap in our lives, what is?

Great question, and I’d love to give you the answer – it’s only five words. But that would be like giving you the punch line of the joke without setting the context, it wouldn’t work.

The training is specifically designed to set the context, so that when you discover and experience the punch line, it actually starts working right away.

Without the context, the punch line is worthless and you would gain no benefit from the knowing the answer.


Is this just hype and over-promising?

I’m not surprised if you’re more than a little skeptical, we’re making some pretty bold claims here and challenging some long-held beliefs and conventions.

We are surrounded in society by evidence that stress, worry, self-doubt etc. are normal and even the experts claim that the best you can do is manage it.

In fact, if I hadn’t experienced it, I’d be hard pressed to believe that a short-cut like this was even possible, especially after spending 15 years in Personal Development working hard to produce gradual improvement.

If you’re skeptical, I totally understand, and there’s not much I can say right now to alleviate that skepticism, but I assure you that, if you are willing to step through that skepticism and join a 3rd Conversation training, all your doubts will quickly disappear, because you will get to discover and prove everything I am claiming for yourself and see just how much sense it makes in your life.


How is the Conversation different to all the other stuff out there?

Yes, there’s a lot of stuff out there and some of it even makes similar claims to what we do.

Obviously it’s impossible to compare the 3rd Conversation to every different strategy and philosophy because we aren’t experts on all of them.

What I can tell you is that the 3rd Conversation is not Religious, Spiritual, Psychological, Therapeutic, Positive Thinking, NLP, EFT or Personal Development.

Almost all strategies and philosophies are different from the 3rd Conversation in that they focus on changing your thoughts, beliefs or actions to fix your challenges and be more effective at getting what you want. The 3rd Conversation doesn’t.

There is no analysing, processing or working on your issues. There’s no complicated psychology, elaborate jargon or gian leaps of faith. There’s no meditating, no fancy mind tricks and no general woo-wooiness.

It’s simply about seeing what is really going on and why you experience life the way you do in such a clear and practical way that you can’t ignore it – it just makes too much sense.

And living it becomes natural, without you have to “work” at it anymore.



Who is the Conversation for?

Well, it will work for anyone who applies it, but not everyone does.

the simple answer is that the 3rd Conversation works for anyone. There are no prerequisites in terms of age, culture, education, personality type, knowledge of how the mind works or personal development experience.

The only requirements are that you have experienced life and that you can speak English (because that’s the only language we offer it in right now).

But despite the fact that the Conversation works for anyone the reality is that not everyone gets value from it.

Here’s what you need to get value from the Conversation:

1. An Open Mind – the Conversation is designed to challenge what we have been taught and what society says is normal. If you already have the answers you want and aren’t open to them being challenged then there is a high probability that you not find value in the Conversation.

The Conversation uses logic and your own experiences to allow you to prove the principles to yourself rather than convincing you of anything. If you aren’t open to looking at your life and accepting new ways of thinking then you may struggle to accept the Conversation.

2. A Desire For Change – the Conversation is not an intellectual lecture on how to find Peace. It is an experiential exploration of what takes away your Peace. What that basically means is that you are relating the Conversation to your life and seeing the principles in your life.

Coming to the Conversation purely out of intellectual interest is of no value. It is only when you experience the Conversation in your life that you get value. And so it is important that you have a desire for something to be different. Whether that is freedom from stress, worry, self-doubt or suffering or whether it is to create something more – success, relationships, health, purpose, fulfillment etc..

That desire is what will have you applying the Conversation to your life and getting value from it.[/accordion]



Questions About the Free 3rd Conversation Event

What is an Event like?

The 3rd Conversation is a simple Event. It is set up much like a seminar, classroom or other group training with participants seated in rows and a leader up the front of the room with a flipchart to write on. Typically there are between 10 and 30, participants.

And a Conversation is really the best way to describe it. It is not designed to be a one-way lecture or a motivational (“pump you up”) session on how to live your life. It’s a highly interactive Event that has you engaged in exploring why you experience life the way you do.

The leader will ask questions, make statements and take you through exercises designed to stimulate this exploration in a fun and entertaining way. It isn’t a heavy session about analysing or processing your “issues” or making yourself wrong for what’s not working in your life.

There is plenty of time for, and you are encouraged to, ask questions to gain clarity, share when you see how it applies to your life and challenge the leader if you don’t agree with something. However your level of participation is completely up to you and does not affect the value you get from the Event. The most important factor in getting value from the event is how engaged you are at relating the Conversation to your life.

At the end of the session there is an opportunity to learn more about how to live the 3rd Conversation in every area of life.

Do I have to share or participate?


The 3rd Conversation is a highly interactive Conversation designed to engage you in exploring how the principles being shared apply to your life. To that end, it includes questions and exercises designed to stimulate that process.

In order to get value from the Conversation you do need to be willing to look at your life, consider the questions and participate in the exercises. But none of that requires you to ask, answer or share anything verbally. There have been people that have sat through the entire evening without uttering a word and have left with a profound sense of freedom and a fresh excitement for life.

As long as you’re open and engaged, you’ll get value from the evening.

How long does the Event take?

The event lasts three hours.

If you have a concern that three hours is a long time, I can assure you that it flies by. We have had people with physical limitations like Parkinson’s stay on a Teleseminar session well beyond the three hours even though their expectation was they would not last more than an hour.

The Conversation engages you in the most fascinating topic ever – you and your life. It’s fun, it’s provocative and you’ll be so wrapped up in it that you will lose track of time.

The reason it is a three hour Event is simply because that’s what works. If we could deliver the value in less time, we would. In fact, we’ve tried numerous times and it did not serve the participants. Our focus is always on what best serves the participants and we are constantly refining the Conversation to ensure people receive the greatest possible value.

And quite honestly, three hours is an extremely small amount of time to shift an entire lifetime of beliefs and provide people with the foundations for freeing themselves from all stress, worry, self-doubt and suffering. If you have any concern about it being worth three hours of your time, I can assure you that it will be… …beyond what you expect.

Where can I attend an Event?

Currently there are live in-person events held in Kitchener, Toronto and surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada.

The 3rd Conversation is also offered via Teleseminar making it accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

You can find currently scheduled events or sign up for on the right side of this page and on the home page at

If you’d like to organise a 3rd Conversation Event for your own group or organisation then please Contact Us – we’d love to oblige.

What age is the Event appropriate for?

The 3rd Conversation Event is designed to be easy for adults of all ages to relate to.

Young people however have very different interests, priorities and concerns and may not find this particular Event easy to relate. We have found that it works well for young adults (in their late teens).

Yes, we agree that there is exceptional value in discovering these principles at a young age. I wish I had. It just makes life a whole lot simpler and more enjoyable. As such, we certainly do have plans to develop programs specifically oriented toward younger age groups – and they promise to be a whole lot of fun!

Why is the 3rd Conversation Event Free?

Great question! If it’s so life-changing, why would we give it away?

Well, there are a number of reasons.

1. When I first experienced Peace during the most turmoil of my life I thought it was so cool I wanted to share it with my friends – kind of like you’d do if you found a way to lose thirty pounds in thirty days or save half your taxes. I never intended to do this for a living and so never thought of charging for it. It just started out that way and although we have considered charging for it (many times) but it never felt quite right.

2. The altruistic side of me wants to keep the Conversation free simply because I believe it’s something we all have the right to know. There is a lot of suffering in the world and it doesn’t have to be that way. When a friend of a friend committed suicide I was clear that they saw it as their only way to ends the suffering. This Conversation ends suffering. This is I can’t promise it will stay that way, but it makes me happy that we’re doing it now.

3. It makes sense from a business perspective. Everyone has preconceptions about what the Conversation is about based on what they have previously experienced. And we live in a time where we are surrounded by so many big promises that people have become skeptical. Keeping the Conversation free is the simplest way to overcome the preconceptions and skepticism and quickly distinguish the uniqueness and value of the Conversation. The more people that experience it the faster grows, the more impact it has and the more sustainable it becomes. It’s all good.

4. And lastly, because I just like it this way. I love sharing the Conversation and keeping it free means I get to share it with more people.

Is the Event just a Teaser or Sales Pitch?

That’s a juicy question, and I’m going to do my best impression of a Politician and say, “it depends”. It depends on what your concern is in asking that question.

If your concern is that the Conversation will contain little or no value and is really a teaser designed to have you buy something, then I can assure you the answer to that concern is “No”. The Conversation is not a teaser. It is a complete workshop in itself and the value you receive will be well beyond your expectations.

It is a very full 3 hours and most people leave with their minds in such a whirl that they spend the next few days reliving the Conversation like a great movie. People have found a lot more Peace and Freedom after doing just the 3rd Conversation. I’ve even had people cure conditions like Panic Attacks. We regularly get told that we are crazy to be giving it away and that we should be charging for it.

If your concern is that you are going to be pressured into buying something then I can also assure you that “No, you will not”. “Yes”, we offer programs that support people in living the Conversation and “Yes” we will spend a few minutes sharing about those programs at the end of the Conversation. We find that the majority of people want to live the Conversation and they see that it’s a hang of lot quicker to get there when you’ve got support from people that are already living it.

There is no obligation or expectation to continue further with our programs, they are only offered as a support to those that want them.


Other Questions

Are you a business or a not-for-profit?

We are a business. We offer various workshops and programs designed to instill the principles of the Conversation and support people in living it.

Being a business allows us to develop and grow the Conversation in a way that is sustainable, supports our families, allows us to share the 3rd Conversation for free and also donate programs to those in need.

Can you run a 3rd Conversation Event for my Clients/Customers?


We frequently work with great businesses to offer value to their Clients or Customers.

We love Win-Win-Win relationships. Your Clients and Customers Win by receiving great value at no cost to them. You Win by having Clients and Customers that rave about the value you offered to them (at no cost to you). And we Win by growing the Conversation and our business.

If you think the Conversation is something your Clients or Customers would enjoy and find valuable, then please Contact Us.

What other types of Events do you offer?

The Free 3rd Conversation Event is the primary way for individuals to experience The Conversation. We also offer various paid and free programs to graduates of this event that focus on supporting people in living it. For Businesses we create Events customised to focus on the priorities of the business, the environment, the participants and the time available.

We have also created Customised Events for specific groups on topics like “How to Kick-Ass at Anything”, “The Meaning of Life” & “Dragon Slayer Training” and are always considering fun ways to share the principles of the Conversation with the Younger audience.

Because this Conversation is foundational to life it is applicable to every area and facet of life whether it be – productivity, relationships, achievement, health, communication, leadership, parenting, etc.

We love creating new and fun ways to share the Conversation and apply it to life, so if you have a group or an idea or just want to connect with us and see what we can create together, then please do Contact Us.

Do you customise Events for Businesses, Sports Teams & Groups?


The value of the Conversation is amplified dramatically when people on the same Team are also on the same page.

All of the programs for Businesses are customised to suit the Business we are working with. We can also customise Events for Sports Teams, Organisations or any other Group.

Just Contact Us to start a Conversation.


If we haven’t answered your question then you can check out our About Us page for more information on Grant and where the Conversation came from, or you you can just Contact Us directly.